dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Best Ever Brownies

From BBC Good Food November 2009.

Cuts into 16 squares ~ prep 30 mins ~ cook 40 mins ~ moderately easy ~ you can freeze it

185g/6½oz unsalted butter, cubed
225g/8oz good-quality plain chocolate, broken into small pieces
50g/2oz milk chocolate, chopped into chunks
85g/3oz plain flour
40g/1½oz cocoa powder
3 large eggs
280g/10oz golden caster sugar

1. Tip the butter, plain and milk chocolate into a medium bowl. Sit the bowl over a pan of hot water, ensuring the bowl doesn't touch the water. Over a low heat melt the butter and chocolate, stirring occasionally. Remove the bowl from the pan and leave to cool (HV: or use the microwave)

2. Meanwhile, heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and position a shelf in the middle of the oven. Press 2 x 7-8cm wide bands of folded foil across the base of a 20cm square tin to form a cross shape to stick up 5c, above the rim on all sides, so you can lift out the brownie when cold. Put a square of baking parchment on top, then butter the sides of the tin and foil. Now sift the flour and cocoa powder into a medium bowl.

3. Break the eggs into a large bowl and tip in the sugar. With an electric mixer on maximum speed, whisk the eggs and sugar until they become pale, look thick and about double the original volume - about 3-8 mins.

4.Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the eggy mousse, then very gently fold together with a spatula, without knocking out the air. Re-sift the cocoa and flour mixture over the cake mixture and lightly fold it in until the mixture looks gungy and fudgy. Stop just before you feel you should be doing, as you don't want to overdo this mixing.

5. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, level the top and bake for 40 mins. Open the oven, and gently shake the tin, it's ready when the sides are just beginning to come away from the tin. Take out of the oven.

6. Leave in the tin until completely cold. Take out of the tin and cut into squares. Will keep in an airtight container for 2 weeks and in the freezer for up to 1 month.

PER SQUARE 294 kcals, protein 3g, carbs 32 g, fat 18g, sat fat 10 g, fibre 1g, sugar 24g, salt 0.06g

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